How Your Bad Decisions Are Stopping Your Results

On average, how many times have you previously made the DECISION to drop some body fat, get fit and get in better shape?

You see, it only takes a nanosecond for us to make a decision, and when it comes to making that initial decision we are usually pretty good at taking that first step.

Deciding that its time to: “Drop a few lbs” “Get in shape for your holiday” “Start your diet on Monday” “Get yourself back into the gym” This is usually the easy part, but after that initial DECISION, we are then continually faced on a daily basis with making small decisions that either falls in alignment with that goal OR small decisions and choices that will move you further away. Just as one simple decision can set you on your path to changing your lifestyle and physique for the better, a series of small bad decisions can send you spiraling completely off course. But the thing is, these small “bad” decisions more often than not have nothing to do with the cake you’ve eaten at work or the workout you’ve skipped but because of the way you’ve then beat yourself up, made yourself feel guilty and then just adopted a F**k it mentality “I’ve messed up anyway so what’s the point” way of thinking for the rest of the week/month. One mishap, one missed workout, one night out every now and again will have very little to no impact if the following day you just get straight back on the bandwagon and get back into your normal routine. It’s like the domino effect, don’t let one “bad” decision become the catalyst for a chain of similar events because one small decision won’t impact your progress, it is how you respond thereafter that will then have the biggest impact on your progress moving forward.

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