Able Fitness Ltd was founded in 2017. It is the brainchild of Al-Nawaz Jamal, known to his friends and clients as Al. Al’s interest in personal training stems from his time spent playing semi-professional football. In 2003, he hung up his boots and began offering personal training and sports rehabilitation services, with a particular focus on strength training. Over the years he has worked in some of the best clubs in London, including his current station in The Gymway, Marble Arch.

In addition to offering his services through clubs, Al is an active entrepreneur and was previously involved in the establishment of the Fitness Travel Company. In 2015, Al turned his attention to the fitness app ‘MyWaffl’. This app turns the user’s smartphone into a comprehensive personal health coach. It is this background which inspired Al to start Able Fitness Ltd, through which he offers his personal training and sports rehabilitation services, as well as BPA-free water bottles.

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My Sports Bottle

The motivation to sell these water bottles came from Al’s own concerns at seeing his clients drinking from bottles which contained harmful chemicals. Dedicated to improving clients’ health, Al took it upon himself to provide them with a safe and stylish alternative.

This demonstrates the level of commitment to health which flows from Al into Able Fitness Ltd. For a more detailed background on the personal training services or the water bottles, please visit the relevant section of this website.

Personal Training

Al’s passion for physical fitness became evident when he began playing semi-professional football during his late teens. After witnessing the impact of sports injury on his teammates and other players, he developed an interest in personal training and sports therapy. This culminated in Al undertaking a specialised course to become qualified to work in the industry.

In 2003, he began to offer personal training and sports rehabilitation services through SouthBank, a club situated in Vauxhall, South London. Alongside this, Al ran his own clinic through this club. In 2005, Al spent six months at the renowned Oval Cricket Club in South Lodnon and also began working at LA Fitness Club, which is in Marylebone. Al stayed at LA Fitness Club for nine years, practicing sports rehabilitation and offering personal training.


Spending such a lengthy time in one club gave Al the opportunity to establish a client base and work with injured persons over a long period of time. This has given him valuable experience in addressing the long-term needs of sports rehabilitation clients. 

In 2015, he moved to The Gymway in Marble Arch, which is where he currently works. A typical day for Al now includes working as a personal trainer to clients from all backgrounds; ranging from those who need help to get in shape for a specific event, to those who require a long-term mentor to guide them through strength training. Al continues to offer sports rehabilitation services and to work with clients on their journey to recovery. Not one to forget his footballing roots, when he gets the time he still enjoys a kickabout in the park with his friends.

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